Marvellous Days Out Campaign


Graphic Design Chester, Illustration


Cheshire, Chester, Rail posters


The Brief

2017 was a massive year for Lemondrop. A key reason was the international success of our Marvellous Days Out campaign for the Mid Cheshire Line. The project started with a single poster to promote the Lion Salt Works and developed into (currently) 14 posters, a touring exhibition, merchandise including thousands of posters being sold globally. The project attracted TV (BBC/ITV), radio and magazine coverage, including a 3 page spread in the prestigious Cheshire Life Magazine and various talks around the North West.

The Solution

We initially suggested to the client that a 1930’s rail poster pastiche may be a fun approach. We looked at the work of Frank Henry Mason and others, and created a vintage illustrative style that was 1930s but with a contemporary touch. The level of success these works have enjoyed has been a surprise and total joy. The Mid Cheshire Line continues to reap the rewards of the campaign.

“The artworks say 1930’s to you, a time when the sun shone for 365 days a year.”

"Pete Waterman, Music Producer and Rail enthusiast"